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Breeding Information

2016 Breeding Season

Magic Meadow Stable LLC

340 Rodney Lane Heath, Ohio 43056




Breeding Season

 February 1, 2016  – July 1, 2016


Booking Fee

  • $200 Included in Breeding Fee – Nonrefundable – return with contract  booking privileges

Breeding Fees

  • Special Introductions Breeding Fee for 2016
  •  $500

  •  Returning Mare Discount $450

  • Congress Champion / World Champion / Reserve Champion producing mare FREE BREEDING   (Must pay collection and shipping fee) ( Must submit copy of records)

  • Special Consideration to proven and multiple mares

Shipped Cooled Semen

  • Available avenues for semen are by Customer Pick Up, Fed-Ex,  counter to counter.
  • Semen Collections /Shipment days are Monday, Wednesday , Friday and Saturday appointment only ( Must have notification on Friday)

  • Semen to be ordered by phone by 3 PM EST, the afternoon prior to collection day 

  • Sat Delivery (area must be a designated sat delivery) MUST be ordered by 3 PM EST Thursday Shipments are sent Fed Ex overnight (0nly in areas that offer Saturday delivery)

  • Mare owner  Responsible for shipping fees

  • $50 Equine Express II Box Container – each container will contain (2) two Syringes for multiple inseminations during the same heat cycle

  • Collection fee $200 Plus All Shipping Costs - If mare has not settled after 1st shipment

  • Collection fee $150 if mare is brought to farm following 1st shipment and no pregnancy

  • Same Day Service: If same day delivery by airport counter to counter service is requested and commercially available, the Collection Fee shall be $375. Please note that any such shipment may result in a very late arrival at your location because of the uncertainty of passenger airline schedules.

 Additional Fees

  • $20  Per Day – Dry Mare

  • $25  Per Day – Wet Mare  (foal 4 weeks and under)

  • $30   Per Day - Wet Mare (foal over 4 weeks)

  • Per Visit – Vet  Palpate w/ Ultrasound & Farm Call are billed as charged 

  • $450 Monthly - Year Round Board   

  • $200 Chute Fee – Applies to Stallion Service Auction or return breeding  following open season

Live foal guarantee

The MARE OWNER is guaranteed one “live foal,” meaning a foal which stands, nurses, and lives for 24 hours. If the Mare proves barren, aborts her foal, or the foal is stillborn, a return season will be provided for the subsequent year only, upon the payment of a re-breed fee of $250 plus all shipping cost and provided proper notification is given. Proper notification shall be a written certification by a licensed veterinarian within seven days that the Mare has slipped or produced a nonviable foal. Booster rhinopneumonitis vaccinations must be administered in the manner and frequency indicated by the manufacturer of the drug as the Mare progresses through her pregnancy. FAILURE TO PROVIDE SUCH VACCINATIONS VOIDS THE LIVE FOAL GUARANTEE. The live foal guarantee is provided only for the 2016 Breeding Season and shall be void if the Mare is sold prior to foaling.


Your mare must be inseminated by a licensed veterinarian and the semen may only be used for the designated mare. Notify us when your mare has been checked for pregnancy.



  •  Container, Shipping Fees, and Balance of Breeding to be paid in full (US Dollars) before any shipping will take place.

  •  Balance of Breeding fee, mare care & vet expenses to be paid in full before Mare leaves farm.

  • We accept payment by cash, money order,  certified check,  PayPal, and Credit Card